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A team of innovators

Commonwealth Group works to create socially responsible alternatives to conventional business and financial institutions.

We are entrepreneurs who take an action-oriented approach to solving these challenges, developing programs that promote green economic development, build robust small business networks, and encourage corporations to increase their commitment to sustainability.

We maintain a small core team and a large network of finance and sustainability professionals including former regulators, bankers, bank attorneys, green business consultants, academic researchers and others. This assures us of the flexibility to field a world class team on any engagement we undertake.


An Online Journal

The Commonwealth Group pioneers thought leadership around publicly owned banks and other financial institutions.

Whether it’s re-imagining the corporation, designing better stock exchanges or developing innovative capital markets, we work toward a better way.

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Red Flags Ahead
Losses on real estate could lead to more failures and easily stymie lending, particularly to smaller businesses. New York Times, 12/29/09. >> More

Immediate Solution to Credit Crunch?
Leading public banking expert Ellen Brown offers a thought-provoking option.
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Quick Thinking

Up to Speed
Trends in public banking necessitate changes to state statutes.

Are legislators up to the challenge? We are optimistic -- in some states.
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Growing the Commons

Want to learn more about how publicly owned banks and other imaginatively designed institutions can create more wealth for more people in your community?